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  Colton Smith

Kent Island High School Currently at McDaniel's 

"Blue Claw wrestling club has helped me throughout the course of my wrestling career. From 8th grade all the way up until present time, Blue Claw has helped me mature as a wrestler. Even in college wrestling I still use the same techniques I learned from this club. It also helped me be a 3 time regional finalist and 2 time state placer. Thanks Herwig"
Matt Pente

"My name is Matt Pente and I've been wrestling for Blue Claw since I was in 7th grade. Blue Claw has helped me a lot especially in the off season in freestyle. The club brings in a lot of talent across the state and great coaches. Blue Claw has great practices and really help me accomplish a lot in wrestling. I'm now a wrester for the University of Maryland. In high school I was a two-time National Prep All-American, an NHSCA Sophomore All-American, a four-time Junior Olympics All-American, State Finalist my senior season and was a four-time state placer, first team All-Met selection by The Washington Post and a two-time All-County selection, and I accumulated the second most wins in Spalding history with 179.


Matt Pente- 4x Jr. Olympic All-American, Private School State Runner-up

Currently Wrestles for U. Maryland


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Quinn Devaney

Currntly 132lbs for McDonogh High School

6th Freshman Nationals

2nd MD Private School States
8th Beast of the East

"I've Worked out for 3 summers
Blue Claw has helped me get to the next level by Coach Herwig helping me independently on what he thinks I could do better in order to be the best. The repetition allows the work for me  to become second nature."


 Patrick Downey

Jr. World Freestyle & Fargo Champ

" Blue Claw helped me stay in the room with the highest quality partners Maryland had to offer during the "Off Season". More specifically Wiggy helped me get to the next level by not changing my techniques & scoring attacks but helping refine what I was already good at. "

Logan Breitenbach 

2014 Spalding High Grad,

Currently attending Iowa State University 165lbs

-2x MD Private State Champ

- Fargo All-American

2013 Pan Am Champion

"BCWC made me the wrestler, and person I am today. I have been a member of the Blue Claw family since i was in 7th grade. The BCWC is the place to be if you are serious about accomplishing your goals."

 Anthony Savage

Oakdale High Grad, Currently 149 at McDaniel College

 " I have Wrestled for 11 years now, starting when I was 8. During my Sophomore year of high-school I was 39-1. I was undefeated until the finals of states when I lost to Leadbetter from Northern . After that lost I decided to go to Blue Claw for some serious training. It was definitely the best choice I made regarding my wrestling career. When you go to a high school wrestling room there are certain wrestlers who don't have the same mentality that I had. At Blue Claw, everyone had a passion for wrestling and I loved it. I had practiced with Blue Claw for 2 years now, and Within those 2 years I have won MPSSAA Public States twice. But I know that if I went to Blue Claw before sophomore year I would have been a 3x State Champ. Blue claw is the reason I have the achievements I earned. The coaches that Ryan Herwig & Alex Krom brought into the room are unbelievable. He has brought the best of MD to coach us and make us better. Also the places we wrestled at were unbelievable. I was able to wrestle and beat, the number 12 kid in the nation at the time, Brent Fleetwood ( DE). Blue Claw has also given me a chance to wrestle a Fargo Champion at Junior Olympics in New Orleans. I want to thank him for the amazing help he has given me."


 Image result for austin Wenzlaff wrestling

Austin Wenzlaff- 2x Public State Champ for Tuscarora High

Attends Millersville U. 

 "Wrestling with Blue Claw helped me reach the next level of competition. It was a tough room with a bunch of tough guys to work out with. Coach really helped me with my style and taught me a lot of really cool moves. I worked out there most of the year on the road to my state championship and an undefeated senior year. Thanks for everything coach. You da man!"

Shane Lowman- 3x Private School State Placer for Mt. St. Joseph

Currently wrestles for Waynesburg U. in P.A. 

 "Blue Claw helped me excel in places that I lacked. It was a lot of technique but it also taught me something that I really needed. It taught me that when your tired and feeling out you have to keep "scrapping." Ryan Herwig and Alex Krom are great coaches and are always there to help you out with new technique and something you might need to improve on. Going to all of the extra practices at Blue Claw during the off season and in the season I was able to become a MD private school placer three times (7th,3rd,3rd), 2nd team all metro wrestler, and eventually a college wrestler at Waynesburg University in PA"
 image Mark Colabucci-

 2x Md State Champ for Reservoir High School, FloNational All-American

Currently wrestling for U. Maryland 

"I started wrestling with Blue Claw after I failed to place at states my sophomore year. I trained there all summer long and saw massive improvement. I tried to bring a few teammates along with me each time as well so they could make gains. The next year not only did I go undefeated and capture a state title my team did as well. Blue Claw helped me and my teammates taste success and I couldn't be more thankful. I continued to attend Blue Claw throughout my high school career and continued to get better and capture another state title. Blue Claw truly does provide technique that is effective at the high school level and it provided me with the opportunity to wrestle at the collegiate level. Wiggy is the man and he'll make you a champion so listen to him! Never had a cooler coach in my life."  





Orem - 2008 Private School State Champ for Mount St. Joseph

U. Maryland Starter & Graduate

 "I was one of the first members of Blue Claw working out with Ryan since 2007 and it, without a doubt, helped transform and develop me into a very competitive collegiate wrestler at the D1 level for the University of Maryland. Ryan Herwig is a very dedicated coach, amazing wrestler, and a great friend. He always took the individual time to help me improve in any areas. He always had the upmost confidence in my abilities and was an all-around positive mentor throughout high school and college. I could always count on Blue Claw for extra workouts and great partners, especially in the off-season when you need it the most. I still try to make it to a practice here and there to give back anything I can, since Ryan has helped me in so many ways. I definitely would recommend Blue Claw to any wrestler at any skill level who is dedicated to being the best they can be, especially if you want a state championship!"